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Patricia Yaker Ekall, 20.

Writer, editor & photographer                                                                                

I began writing View Avenue to document my behind-the-scenes antics and my musings on all things Culture. I also wanted to use the blog as an excuse to demonstrate what I could do creatively – an informal CV, so to speak.

I am a freelance journalist, editor and blogger based in Bristol, United Kingdom. It’s due to my shameless curiosity that this platform exists. This is the place I create content around the topics, people and brands that inspire me and – I hope – my readers. As an enthusiastic storyteller, I spend the majority of my time contributing to print and digital publications. I’ve worked as a features editor for XXY magazine and have a byline in my local newspaper, Bristol24/7.

After two years of blogging, View Avenue has become a place where collaborations take place, originality thrives and authenticity is championed. It is a blog that showcases the works of distinguished British designers and certain international brands. These are brands who create beautiful and consciously sourced garments to suit anyone looking to keep things guilt-free yet sophisticated. This platform also celebrates art, design and food. It happens to be the springboard for many of my articles on interesting individuals whose stories need to be shared; be it online, in print or simply on social media.

As well as my personal pursuits, I support my mother’s couture business as consultant and head of marketing by liaising with buyers and potential clients alike. My other interests include weekly assistance at Rainmaker Gallery on Native American Indian arts, reading, dancing and re-familiarising myself with my mother tongue, French, through the likes of Baudelaire, Piaf and Tautou.

Contact: trishekall@yahoo.co.uk


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