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Self Portrait in Marylebone

April 23 2017
Self Portrait in Marylebone It’s such a pleasure to be able to get away from the country and go to London. As much as I love Bristol, it’s great to surround yourself in the hectic buzz of London, especially when you’re seeking inspiration. Those busy sounds, lights, people…it’s like a drug. I’m fortunate┬áto...
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To Be Inspired…

February 22 2017
To Be Inspired… …is to live a charmed life. From the outside in, people look at my life and comment on how glamorous it is. What fun I must be having. 24/7. An uncomfortable number of individuals get a snippet into my quotidian life via social media, many see my photography on...
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A Blur

February 03 2017
A Blur I love to experiment with imagery and creating an image that hints at spontaneity and creativity – a blur of a picture. Recently that has been in the form of photography. As I can’t well do this when I’m doing tests for agencies, or collaborating with artsy friends, or...
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Emotional Archaeology by Daphne Wright

December 08 2016
Emotional Archaeology by Daphne Wright The Arnolfini has put on Emotional Archaeology, a major solo exhibition by artist Daphne Wright, curated by Jo Lanyon. The exhibition showcases work from the breadth of Wright’s career. Originally from Ireland, Wright works from her home studio in Bristol to explore “complex social issues and our understanding of...
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Eyebrows & Eyelashes

November 28 2016
Eyebrows & Eyelashes Looking particularly bright and yellow-undertone today. Maybe there is such a thing as too much sun(light) in photography? Anyway… One of my favourite passive thoughts is how can I grow thicker eyebrows and eyelashes? I am a little obsessed with the notion of ‘naturally’ thick, long lashes and ‘charmingly...
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