I stumbled into Creative Directing. Having interned with my mother’s brand, I picked up a thing or two and started to get comfortable with the idea of, basically, being in charge. In fact, that’s kind of how View Avenue began: I used to take sneaky shots behind the scenes and share them on my Blogger site – until one day I was roped into modelling because the model was off sick. I shared the images that had resulted from the impromptu stint on my platform and this – along with my snippets of random ‘street style’ photography – was what got View Avenue some love.

Anyway, I wasn’t offered the position of Creative Director in a project until nearly two years after all this, when a Stylist approached me at an event, impressed with my work of my mother’s A/W15 Lookbook. I said yes incredulously, half expecting it to be a joke but excited nontheless. The shoot took place at Location 18, a place in Shoreditch (where only a the day before Made in Chelsea star Millie Macintosh had filmed a beauty tutorial!), which was pristinely white and bare with faux wall paper peeling off walls in agreeable colours etc.. It was a dream to work in.

The team was also great. I had three photographers, four models, two MUAs and a few interns (the Stylist’s, not mine!) to help bring this shoot together. And, boy, did it ever. The photos I am sharing with you today are behind-the-scenes or un-edited shots. They were taken by Steve Tayler and my friend and go-to photographer in all things View Avenue, Pedro Antunes. I have also included a few BTS shots from the Look Book I did for my mother. Please feel free to let me know what you think of them – feedback is always welcome.

It’s funny, as a blogger I suppose I do sort of moonlight as a Creative Director. I envision a context and try with all my might to make it work. I direct even as the camera clicks away, unless the photographer knows exactly what he wants – and they often do! This, of course, I welcome as I often choose to work with people of the same creative sensibilities as mine, so I’m happy to follow their lead. But for the most part, when it comes to Creative Directing; I don’t mind getting my #girlboss on…

Tricia x



_MG_1933 _MG_1970 _MG_1961

Grace Ekall A/W15





Collaboration at Location 18

_MG_4220 _MG_4343

_MG_2301 _MG_1730 _MG_1737


_MG_4685  _MG_4857 _MG_4616





_MG_5298 _MG_5313   _MG_5406



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