This look, the White look, was by far the hardest to pull off. Pristine attire isn’t usually my thing. When it comes to day wear, I prefer the fun and spontaneity of colour and shape. I’m not so much Upper East Side as I am Urbanite-meets-country-bumpkin. As with the Black look, this was part of Citizen Cashmere‘s online campaign with an international line-up of digital influencers, the results of which can be found on their website. Because this was for someone else’s editorial, I wanted to treat it with the proper amount of respect. So I wore the silliest shoes I own. I wore sky high Givenchy heels and clambered around the Suspension Bridge trying to show them off. I thought: towering structure plus towering heels would obviously equal fashun. Needless to say, that didn’t work. John and I then briefly discussed what the brand was all about – elegance, simplicity, serenity – and decided to follow suit. The location was there, the weather co-opertive, the knitwear? Gorgeous. So we let all that do the talking… and I simply enjoyed the view.







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