They say that fashion is art, but have some designers gone a little too far in their interpretations of what it means to be fashionable – or have style?

The SS17 shows continued to celebrate the craze for “ugly shoes,” as comfort sets the new standard for fashion, but spectators have noticed that some have taken the trend a little too far. Bravo TV found a myriad of heinous creations, from sock-and-sneaker hybrids and feminised Vibram shoes to oxfords that look like they’ve been chiseled out of concrete. Though these unsightly details are the current medium in which innovators are demonstrating their quirkiness and rejection of traditional elegance, this only mirrors the larger issue that high fashion has seemingly lost its ability to appeal to the masses.

Luxury design houses have always been the inspiration for mainstream brands and budget shoppers to create our own high fashion looks, but for the last few years, designers have taken everything to the extreme, proving that risks don’t always pay off in this industry. As a blogger from Elements of Style suggested, whatever happened to offering a range of clothes with interesting patterns, textures, colours and layers, as well as flattering cuts and pretty dresses? Is it too much to ask for items that complement a woman’s personal style rather than overwhelm it?

However, some labels have stayed true to their aesthetic, ignoring the temporariness of trends and creating signature styles that endure the continually evolving world of fashion. Rather than listening to fashion forecasts, brands like A Star is Born are more focused on breaking cultural barriers. A clothing company mixing Eastern influences with Western silhouettes, as noted by Lyst in the brand’s dedicated section of their website, A Star is Born has stayed true to its word with every item they’ve provided. This shows that the everyday woman isn’t looking for shock value. Instead, she is looking for designs that blend utility with femininity, as she intends on incorporating the collection into her daily wardrobe. It’s all about adding new twists to the closet staples.

The wardrobe essentials exist for a reason; they are timeless, defying the impermanence of trends and cyclical nature of fashion. Functionality is key in the garments showcased in a collection. Continuing the path down radical fashion veers away from wearability. Fashion may be art, but without the wearability factor in high-end clothing, we’ll be more inclined to lose touch with our one-time favourite brands.


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