Hello! Just a quick one to bemaon my off duty life!

These photos were taken on my iPhone on one of the earliest sunny days in the year. I was just goofing around in a rare moment of silliness and posted a couple of the pictures on Instagram with the caption “off duty.” That’s how I feel my life has been lately – a little too unpredictable and yet again at times eerily calm. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss the structure of an office job – as much as I love the freedom freelancing can provide. I can’t complain though. So far Adichie, Byron, Cervantes, Eliot, Flaubert, Smith, Zola and I have been getting better acquainted. Some of us are actually old pals, which is code for ‘haven’t-quite-finished-this-book-yet…’ but there’s always time!

Maybe I should start doing book reviews again?

Off duty Off duty Off duty

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