I photographed Opor, a front-runner at 25 Model management, at a dear family-friend’s* upstairs studio. The friend in question has worked as a photographer for a long time; having worked on film sets, photographed high profile events and even my mama in her dancing hey days. Needless to say I was a little intimidated when I arrived ‘on set.’ If it wasn’t for the fact that he and his family has known me since my infant years, and that I had my best friend on board to do the makeup, I don’t know how this first professional studio shoot of mine would have gone.

Of course, Opor was a dream to work with. Such an exquisite and distinguished beauty, she made every garb and angle look terrific on her. Too right, you may say, as she’s after all a model. But being good at modelling is about more than winning the genetic lottery. A model, especially nowadays, has to bring a certain level of professionalism, passion and intelligence to the studio or else, well, we all know how ruthless the fashion industry can be… Opor was every bit the model model and I really hope to work with her again soon.

*Thank you Dave Alex Riddett for lending me your studio, and for your guidance. 















Corset – Grace Ekall; Earrings – Rainmaker Gallery. Thank you Shaunai Marshall Doyle for your lovely makeup. See more of my work on patriciaekall.com x


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