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Coldharbour Road

September 23 2016
Coldharbour Road This time last year, a collaboration between local businesses and talented photographers took place. I remember shyly asking if I could share the results on my own blog, but holding back when the time came to do so. It was exactly a year ago. I look so young! My...
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Exhibitions: #OurColour by Liz West

September 06 2016
Exhibitions: #OurColour by Liz West From the 2nd to the 10th of September, Liz West’s exhibition on colour will be running as part of the Bristol Bennial. For those of you who live locally, you can find the inspiring installation in one of the Pithay studios’ old offices. If you’re not around, look the...
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Summer Glow

September 03 2016
Summer Glow Now that summer is coming to an end, I can admit I tried to capture a bit of the sun on my face. I mean I took the bait and jumped on the strobing bandwagon for a second. It’s not that I regret it, per se. Just that I’m...
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On Creative Freedom

August 18 2016
On Creative Freedom The idea of creative freedom almost sounds like a redundancy. To be creative is to be free. That is the goal, I believe. It’s why creativity is often so closely associated with personality – that is, one’s right to expression.┬áIn fact, some artists are as well known for their...
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Blue Drape

July 20 2016
Blue Drape I often wear a head scarf to adorn my head. It’s a sort of apology to my body for not extending it the same courtesy. Or a ‘sorry, not today’ to my hair as it sits patiently under swathes of fabric. It’s a treat to be able to go...
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