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Notebook Accesorry

July 16 2016
Notebook Accesorry Sometimes I walk around with this little beauty, a notebook I bought from my favourite book store Foyles, in case I come up with something good. It’s one of the most commonly heard tips given to aspiring writers: carry a pad, write every single day. Well, carry I do....
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Nigerian Riot Girl

July 14 2016
Nigerian Riot Girl “Culture does not make people. People make culture.”                                                                            — Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie....
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Attempts at Strobing

July 12 2016
Attempts at Strobing Strobing. The new contouring according to Kim K and her #squad. No, I am not that girl. The Insta girl with all the cheekbones and the nails and the eyelashes. But. I am going to wear more makeup. Sometimes. I’m at least going to make an attempt to understand...
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Line Beneath

July 10 2016
Line Beneath If you want to do a party look but haven’t the time to labor over your face half the day then try this neat trick. Gold is a universally flattering colour, so take whatever you have (eyeliner, shadow – heck, really intense bronzer) and draw a neat line beneath your...
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On Instagram

July 09 2016
On Instagram I’ve been taking a lot of photos lately, and not all of them on my DSLR. Sometimes you just have to capture the moment when the opportunity presents itself. I love Instagram, and post daily – many times a day in fact! It’s the only social networking site I...
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