It’s such a pleasure to be able to get away from the country and go to London. As much as I love Bristol, it’s great to surround yourself in the hectic buzz of London, especially when you’re seeking inspiration. Those busy sounds, lights, people…it’s like a drug.

I’m fortunate┬áto have a good girlfriend who lets me stay whenever I like – eve when she’s traveling! It’s like having a little haven and funnily enough, the location is quite peaceful. I don’t know if it’s a by-product of entering my twenties, but I crave business. Yes, I myself tend to be too busy, but when it seems the rest of the world is also in a mad rush, well, there’s comfort in that! I took these photographs because I noticed that in my efforts to seek comfort while working, I’d tied┬áthe arms of my Ralph Lauren jumper into a wrap-top, making the high waist of my trousers stand out even more. Since I was stuck indoors all day I figure why not show Instagram?

Until next time. (P.s, sorry for the short post. Too busy.) x



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